Caldereta sauce mix

Mama Sita's Caldereta sacue

Caldereta suace for spicy beef stew.

Use beef, lamb or chicken to make this widely popular stew.

Cooking direction: Add the sauce and 500 ml water to 500 g of pan fried meat. Let simmer until tender. Add vegetables to your choice and continue cooking until done.

  • No artificial color
  • No preservatives added
  • No MSG added

"Mula sa Isang Kabayan, Ina at Kusinera."

Natutanan ko sa nanay ang pagpili ng tamang sangkap at alamin kung ano ang masarap ...

Once opened keep refrigerated and use within two days. Store dry. This is a base sauce and not a powder mix.



Water, tomato paste, partiyally hydrogenated coconut oil, iodized salt, fresh onion, cane sugar, fresh garlic, fresh red bell pepper, modified corn starch, spices, achuete powder (annatto seeds, cornstarch).

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