Soy sauce, Silver Swan Special, 1 litre


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Silver Swan special Soy Sauce.

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Special soy sauce from Silver Swan.

A good soy sauce will help you succeed in the asian kitchen.

Soy sauce blends are common in the Philippines, they are called toyo and are often to be found alongside other sauces and blends like fish sauce (patis) and sugar cane vinegar (suka). The pinoy soy is often slightly milder than other Asian soy sauces.

The special soy sauce doesn't contain any MSG.

Product Details

Net content
1000ml (1L)
Made in
The Philippines

Water, SOYbeanextract (21%, origin: Canada), WHEATextract, Iodized salt, Colorant Caramel (E150c), preservative E202.

Näringsinnehåll / 100 ml
Energy 217 kJ / 52 kcal
Fat 0.38 g
Carbohydrate 8.1 g
   Sugars 0.2 g
Fiber 0.19 g
Protein 3.84 g
Salt 17 g

This product contains
  • Wheat / Rye / Barley / Oats (gluten)
    Wheat / Rye / Barley / Oats (gluten)
  • Soy