Caldereta spicy sauce mix, Mama sita's 50g

Mama Sita's mix for a spicy sauce.

Mama Sita's Caldereta is a mix that will give a spicy taste to your sauce.

A mixture of western and oriental spices in just the right proportions make this a widely popular stew.

Originally Kaldereta or Caldereta is a stew made of goad, often with vegetables and liver paste. The word caldereta derives from the spanish caldera that means cauldron. The dish have similarities with Iberian stews and was brought to the Philippines during the 300 year long occupation.

Today caldereta is served at festivities and can be varied with beef, chicken or pork.

Product Details

Net weight
Made in
The Philippines

Tomato powder, cane sugar, salt, garlic powder, rice flour, paprika, antioxidant E330, spices (chili, oregano, basil, rosemary), yeast extract. May contain traces of wheat, fish, peanuts, soy and milk.

Näringsinnehåll / 100 g
Energy 1260 kJ / 301 kcal
Carbohydrate 66 g
   Sugars 32 g
Protein 7.1 g
Salt 18.1 g

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