About us and our asian store

About us

What is a sari sari store?
To put it simple, a sari sari store is a local convenience store where you can find just about anything.

Sarisaristore.se derived from the idea to make philippine goods in particular and asian goods in general available to everyone.

Sarisaristore.se was founded by Inday Michel Albynt AB owned by Albert Svensson and Michel Donggon Svensson. The preparations begun in 2010 and the shop was launched in 2011. In August 2019 the ownership was transferred to Internsystem Sverige AB (5568662919).

Contact us through the contact form or by e-mail (start@sarisaristore.se).


Address: Söderbyvägen 13, 195 60 ARLANDASTAD. Please note that this is a e-commerce and visits are welcome after prior agreement.


Sarisaristore.se is registered for taxes and VAT (swedish moms) in Sweden with the Swedish organisation number: 556866-2919 by Internsystem Sverige AB