Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don't you have sausages, meat or frozen fish?

To offer chilled or frozen food it has to be chilled or frozen at the right temperature all the way from the producer through shipping and storage to the customer. Today our distribution is made through Schenker and Schenker and we can not offer chilled or frozen food.


  • But store X has sausages, meat and frozen fish so if they can sell it why don't you?

The laws in Sweden prohibit us from selling frozen food and shipping it, as it requires that the food stay under the certified temperature all the way to you, and even if there is minus degrees outside, when the product arrives at a sorting facility or at a pickup point the products may thaw and go bad.


  • Where are you registered?

The company is a limited registered in Sweden, we pay Swedish taxes and prices includes Swedish VAT. Our localities are inspected by the authorities to ensure hygienic standards. This adds an extra layer of security to our customers.

  • Are you a dropshipping company?

No. we have a real warehouse in Sweden and all products you see that are in stock are available in the warehouse.

  • How can I do a local pickup?

Step 1. Create an account on sarisaristore.se

Step 2. Contact us through e-mail or through facebook message and give us the e-mail you registered with so we can unlock the ability to do a local pickup.

Step 3. Place your order and pay for it, make sure to select the local pickup option.

Step 4. Pickups are on Mondays, Thursdays or Sundays at 1 PM unless something else has been agreed upon. The pickup address is at Söderbyvägen 13 first floor to the left, Internsystem Sverige AB is written on a sign next the door.


  • When can I expect to receive my order?

Once you've placed your order it will be packed and sent to you, usually the next day. The following work-day it will be picked up for delivery. It is not possible to say an exact delivery time. However, two to four days is normal, depending on when you order and where in Sweden you are living.


  • Could you accept orders from out of Sweden?

Yes we can and we want to. However, shipping from Sweden to other countries is really expensive and troublesome. Our flat rate shipping applies only to Sweden.

We accept orders from Denmark and Finland. We previously took orders from Norway but the shipping and the administration is way too high so we can not do that anymore due to it not being a EU country.

Do you live somewhere else and would like to order, please ask and we will check for shipping cost and if we see a large interest from a country or region we will see if a new shipping deal could be negotiated.


  • How can I get a promo code?

We offer these through our social media accounts and through our newsletter.


  • Could you offer my favorite?

Of course we would like to satisfy your cravings. If there are enough people who share your cravings we could try to bring it to the store. We are working with different wholesalers but some items are still hard to find. First check this page, and if your product isn't listed there, please tell us what you are wishing for.

  • Could you sell dried fish, Tuyo?

Yes, check this category, dried fish.

  • Product X used to be cheaper, why does it cost more now?

The shipping prices from Asia has increased by almost 10x compared to what they were before the pandemic, before the price to ship a container used to be around 1500 USD now it is up to around 15000 USD. See the chart below.

This is also partyl due to the Euro to SEK currency conversion rate is quite a bit higher, it affects the products the entire way from import to wholesale to us and then on to you. But this doesn't apply to all our products, some have actually dropped in price.

  • I'm worried about the Coronavirus affecting my order

No need to worry, our products are safe and we have more information regarding our handling of your order here.