Shipment and returns

Shipping and handling

The shipping and handling fee includes handling, packaging, packing and shipping cost.

Once your order have left our premises it becomes the responsibility of the courier. Once you receive the order it becomes your responsibility. Damaged goods shall be reported to the courier immediately.

We advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees will apply to each of them. Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.

All our packages are packed by staff wearing gloves or having used alcogel treatment prior to handling the products.

Regarding weight

Most carriers calculate not only physical weight but also the volume of a parcel. This means that a relatively light parcel can count as heavy if it comes up to a large volume.

Since November 2011 we use a flat rate shipping fee so even if we get to pay more for large or heavy parcels, you always pay the same flat rate fee no matter how much or little you choose to buy.

If you select Schenker to Service Point as your shipping alternative, we can not send parcels exceeding 20 kgs (including packaging). Should you want to order more than 20 kgs, please make an additional order.


Once we have recieved your order and your payment it is placed in line for packing and dispatch. Within Sweden it usually takes two to five days until the parchel reached the delivery point. This depends on where you live and on how your parcel is handled by the courier.


We currently do not offer deliveries by letter as we cannot guarantee the shipment will arrive as there is no tracking available.

Service Point

When your parcel have reached a service point near your address, you will be notified by a text message (if you have registered a cell-phone number) or by e-mail. You can find a service point locator at Schenker. Please do not use post box addresses since delivery won't be possible. A parcel will normally be available at the Servie point for no more than 14 days before it is sent back. The maximum weight for a Service Point order is 20 kilos.

Shipping to a Service Point is no more than SEK 69 regardless of weight up to 20 kilos. If you reach SEK 500 on your order you have free shipping within Sweden.

When you select Service Point as your shipping method, you order will be sent to the Schenker Service Point considered to be closest to your address. You can look for Schenker Service Points and their current location by using the Schenker Service Point tool.

Should you need to change your Service Point AFTER it has been shipped you will be charged a fee of 320 SEK incl tax for the change which Schenker in turn charges us. So if you need it at a specific pickup point please specify it BEFORE you submit your order in the shipping information text box.


We offer homedelivery with DB Schenker, this costs SEK 129 for daytime home delivery and SEK 229 for evening home deliveries.

If you're not at home at the time of the delivery you may be charged SEK 120 for another delivery attempt so try to be at home at the agreed upon delivery time.

Should you need to change your address AFTER it has been shipped you will be charged a fee of 320 SEK incl tax for the change which Schenker in turn charges us.

Shipping zones is registered in Sweden and we have plans to ship to countries that are members of the European Union's inner market. Those countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Should you wish for shipping to a country outside of this area, please contact us and we'll see if we could arrange that.

We ship to Denmark and Finland. However our flat rate shipping fee does not apply to those countries. We have tried shipping ton Norway but the customs, the VAT and the handling fees that comes on top of the shipping plus the extra work makes the cost too high.

Special note. Since we are not able to automatically calculate shipping fees to all destinations, we reserve the right to cancel orders where acutal shipping cost exceeds our displayed shipping fee. The customer will be contacted promply in such cases.

Should you be able to pick your order up in Lundby outside Örebro in Sweden, it can be arranged. You will then save on shipping charges. Please contact us in advance of your order to set something up.

Cancel an order

It is not possible to cancel an order after it has been handled. A customized product is not possible to cancel. A cancellation is not valid until the customer receives a confirmation from (Internsystem Sverige AB) by mail or e-mail.

Non claimed parcels

Should a parcel be returned to (Internsystem Sverige AB), due to the parcel not being claimed, a fee of SEK 350 + taxes (VAT, Swedish ”moms”) will be billed to cover transport and administration costs for (Internsystem Sverige AB). Should you wish for us to resend your order, we will charge you actual shipping costs based on the volume weight of your order.


It is up to the customer to check all deliveries at arrival, both the content's accordance to order and the content's condition. Should a return be in question, (Internsystem Sverige AB) must be contacted (through the contact form by e-mail ( Leave your order number and the reason for your return. The customer must receive an agreement from in advance of sending anything back.

At any case of return to (Internsystem Sverige AB) the customer must have an agreement to send anything back. Consignmnents lacking such an agreement will be returned to the customer who will be billed shipping and handling fees. Products that are by the customer (you) considered damaged should still be handled as if they were in perfect condition. All returns are to be packed so that they are not damaged (further). Should a non faulty product be returned, a SEK 350 fee will be billed the customer this + taxes (VAT, Swedish ”moms”), administrative fees and shipping both ways. will pay for shipping when a product is faulty or damaged (when the liability is on reserves the right to replace a damaged product with a similar product in cases where an identical product is not avaliable.

During an ongoing epidemic or pandemic with a virus or bacteria that could in theory survive during transport the time for returns are extended with a minimum of 14 days as a safety precaution for our staff.

Broken deliveries

In the case of delivery damage, only the defective goods are replaced, remove all the goods from the packaging and foot the defective ones, in case it is a glass bottle that has broken so use oven mitts or garden gloves when you pick up the goods from package so that you do not get some glass shards in your hands. Then photograph the goods that are broken so you do not have to return the item, we will replace the item for you in its entirety, or refund the value of the item either as a coupon for your next purchase or a refund on your purchase if possible. The entire damage must be reported before the return.

Do you think the shipping is expensive?

So do we. Unfortunately this is what shipping in Sweden cost. We do not add more than we have to pay for shipping and packaging.

Here are some suggestions on how to can save on shipping.

  • Make large orders. If you order more, the shipping cost per item will be lower.

  • Share the shipping. Take orders from friends nearby and share the shipping.

  • If you live close to Märsta you could contact us and pick up your order instead of having it sent to you, usually at Märsta Station, the order still has to be pre-paid. Check the FAQ for more information on this.