Shipping to other countries than Sweden

Shipping to other countries than Sweden

EU countries general information

Customers from EU nations pay no customs. However Swedish VAT is paid on all products (already included in the price of all products). All packages sent outside Sweden have a max weight of 20kg, should your package weight exceeed 20kg you will be notified about an additional charge and then you can choose how to proceed. Labels are in Swedish or English, when you checkout you will see a cumulative report of all ingredients in your order, you can use it on Google Translate to translate it to your language if it's not available yet. We don't accept returns of food or hygiene products for hygiene reasons, if you get an incorrect product you can keep it. If we forget to put one product in your box we will either refund it or save it for you for your next order (your choice).

Tax information

As long as you live inside the EU you will not be charged any additional tax charges when your order arrives to you. The tax that is included in the product cannot be removed or returned. But you will not have to pay anything extra on your order total.

Denmark & Finland

Free shipping for orders on or above 800 SEK, 149 SEK shipping for orders below 800 SEK.

Germany, Holland & Belgium:

Free shipping for orders on or above 1200 SEK, 179 SEK shipping for orders below 1200 SEK.

Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain

Free shipping for orders on or above 1500 SEK, 299 SEK shipping for orders below 1500 SEK.


There is a shipping restriction on food items to Norway so we cannot ship directly to Norwegian customers. There are some border services in Sweden that allow you to send to that location and then you go there to pick it up, should you need to use a service like this please contact us about it as we may need to use a different shipping method for this purpose.

Other countries

Please contact us if you are interested in placing an order from another country.