Coronavirus - 2020

Information related to the Coronavirus

During the coronavirus period we only accept online orders, ie no pick-ups will be made. We have minimal contact with others, e.g. the shipping company people who come and collect the parcels, we leave the parcels on a cart then they take the parcels from our cart.

We wear face masks when we pack the packages and wear gloves (we have always done this to protect the staff).

The orders are handled as usual in addition to this, we have no direct upper limit on what we can deliver other than what we have in stock, other stores have increased their delivery times up to one week for having their own vehicles, we use Schenker and PostNord for deliveries right now, and maybe others soon as well.

If shipping times are affected are beyond our control, it's up to the shipping companies and if they need to add extra precautions for the shipping or not.

Our products are such products with a long shelf life, none of them have been manufactured during the coronavirus existence as it is right now. And we have no food products from China.

No one is allowed to work here who has the coronavirus, those need to stay at home and rest.