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To ensure superior quality, A. Tung Chingco Trading, Inc. maintaines strict quality-control standards throughout all of the company’s operations. Ligo products have gained prominence in the Philippine market because of its excellent quality and good taste. Ligo has become synonymous to “Good Quality.”

In the mid 1980’s, A. Tung Chingco Trading, Inc., under the stewardship of Mr. Gregory Tung, Jr., strengthened its marketing and manufacturing set-up and ventured into the meat products.

From then on, the company engaged in the development of new canned fish and meat products - Ligo Sardines and Mackerel variants, Ligo Squid, and Ligo Corned Beef.

Ligo has gained worldwide popularity. Now, Ligo Sardines and Mackerel are being exported to the United States, Europe, Asia (Hongkong, Japan, Singapore, Middle and Far East) and the Pacific Rim.

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