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The business is operated under the brand of “Royal Umbrella”. It's the product of the company whose quality is improved and is sold in more than 100 countries around the world under the same standard and the same brand.

Royal Umbrella Rice emphasizes a lot on the standard and quality starting from the selection of raw materials of high quality. Three rice mills are constructed for directly receiving the raw materials from farmers; Buriram Rice Mill, Kamphaengpetch Rice Mill, and Suphanburi Rice Mill. There are total of more than 30 alliance rice mills. There are 2 plants for rice quality improvement; Wangdaeng Rice Plant and Nakornluang Rice Plant in Ayutthaya. The advanced technology with global standard is used there. The plants are considered to be the most modern ris plants of the regions. The development starts from the selection of rice kinds, the production process, the quality control, and the rigid inspection. It can be traceable in all processes resulting in the high quality of products following international standard. The production standard is under GMP, HACCP, and ISO 9001: 2008. There are 5 productivities with the total volume of 1.08 million tons of rice per year.

The company also builds the port for marine transportation system in the nearby areas directly connected to the production plants. It is the first marine transportation system of Thailand which can help in environment conservation. We use motor cargo ships in the export and the transportation of products to domestic warehouses instead of using the trucks in the transportation.

Royal Umbrella Rice expands the market to other types of products which are selected by the company for being export under the brand of “Royal Umbrella” in food products, products related to food and non-food, for example, instant rice vermicelli, instant noodles, Ri-O Thai jasmine rice snack, etc.

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