Portable haircurler with powerbank

Portable haircurler with powerbank.

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This hair curler is wireless, you charge it once so you have use for up to 60 minutes as a hair curler or you can charge your mobile with it, so if you have it in your handbag, you can have double benefit from it.

There is a small display that shows temperature (you can choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit), hair curling rotation, battery status and curling timer.

Included in the box:

  • Portable haircurler
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 hairpins
  • 1 comb
  • Nice pouch to carry your portable haircurler and accessories in

First use information:

  • Charge the hair curler until the battery status indicates that the battery is full.
  • Quickly press the right button below the display and select the setting you want to change, then press the left button below the display to scroll through the options of the setting you have selected (it flashes).
  • To switch off the hair curler, hold down the right button under the display for 3 seconds.

How to use the hair curler:

  1. Turn on the hair curler and let it warm up (it flashes an element icon until it is finished, then it beeps and the element icon stops flashing)
  2. Comb your hair with the included comb, if you have thick hair take a smaller amount of hair at a time and insert into the hair curler.
  3. Press the button and your hair is wrapped into the curler, keep holding the button until it beeps.
  4. Keep an eye on the timer in the display, when it reaches zero pull out the hair from the top.
  5. Continue from point 2 onwards to continue, do not forget to change the setting from L to R if you change from left to right side to be attracted.

You may also connect a USB cable to your Hair curler and use it as a powerbank to charge your phone.

Note that this product is not waterproof and should only be used on dry hair.

Photos with the Sarisaristore.se logo were taken of this product by us and it shows what the product looks like that we have in stock.

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