Fish sauce, Datu Puti Patis Flavor

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Fish sauce fom Datu Puti with Patis Flavor.


"You wouldn’t want anything else. Datu Puti ISDA Best!"

With a real fish sauce you'll get that true asian taste.

"Patis" is the filipino saying for fish sauce. Patis is a key ingredient in soupy dishes. It is called fish sauce not only because it goes well with fish and seafood but also becuase it is made of fish extract. Use Patis to enhance the taste and the saltiness. Datu Puti's fish sauce is the most popular in it's category. It is made of anschovies and is iodine fortified.

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Water, fish extract, iodized salt, sodium benzoate, monosodium glutamate, sodium metabisulfite, flavor enhancer and caramel color.

Contains fish.

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  • Fish / Seafood
    Fish / Seafood