Bibingka (mix), White King 500g

Mix for baking Bibingka.

Make the traditionally hard baked delicacy in a jiffy with this mix.

Preparation: Pre heat the oven at 230 degrees. Place oven rack in the middle of the oven. Line two layer pans (8-inch diameter) with wax paper. Set aside. Beat 3 eggs until frothy. add 250 g (one bag) rice cake mix. 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup sugar and 4 tablespoons of melted butter or margarine. Mix at low speed of elecric mixer for 1 minute or with wooden spoon until smooth. Pour  the mixture into the prepared pans. Top with cottage cheese. Place the pans in the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes until done. Brush surface with butter or margarine and serve hot.

Content divided into two bags.

Product Details

Net weight
Made in
The Philippines
Näringsinnehåll / 100 g
Energy 1548 kJ / 370 kcal
Fat 1.2 g
Carbohydrate 83 g
   Sugars 35 g
Protein 6.7 g
Salt 3.3 g

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